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Non-Discrimination Non-Discrimination


A commitment to fair and unprejudiced treatment of different categories of people such as age, gender, marital status...

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Mutual Respect Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect

A commitment to having respect among two or more people or two or more organizations without a jealousy...

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Continuous Learning Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning

A commitment to learning continuously to develop and improve the skills and knowledge or to gain an experience...

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Accountability Accountability


A commitment to getting the things/activities/duties that we have promised to do or we have accepted to do done by doing willingly...

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Transparency Transparency


A commitment to openness on the collaborative matters among the individuals and organizations...

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About SCVG

Social Care Volunteer Group (SCVG) was founded by 7 young social activists in Magway, Myanmar.

Social Care Volunteer Group (SCVG) is a principle-based, non-profit, non-religious, non-partisan and non-ethnical civil society organization based in Magway, Myanmar. SCVG has been approved and granted the registration at the regional level (registration no. 2/ Magway/ 0006).

Since its founding period, SCVG has convened range of activities such as youth capacity building, health education and promoting HIV/AIDS awareness sessions both in Magway and surrounding rural areas. In 2009, with the support of MTV/Staying Alive Foundation, SCVG carried out a project on “Promoting awareness on HIV/AIDS and Preventing incidence of HIV/AIDS among In-school youths in Magway”.

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Social Care Volunteer Group

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Social Care Volunteer Group
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Dornors & Partnership

NGO Child Rights Working Group (NCRWG)
Comet Child Team Network
Access to Justice Initiative
Civic Engagement Network for M2
Oxfam in Myanmar
Pwintbyu ECCD Network Group
Save the Children International in Myanmar
Green Network Sustainable Environment Group
MTV Staying Alive Foundation
Local Resource Centre (LRC)
U.S Department of State
Internews in Myanmar